About Us - Where we started

InnoXcell's specialize in producing events, training courses and online content in the area of white-collar crime which included topics related to fraud, Financial crime, Bribery, Employee Misconducts, third-party risk, cybercrime, eDiscovery, Investigation, and Antitrust.

Our Flagships event

  • Cyber Intelligence and Forensic Investigation
  • IAS - Innoxcell Annual Symposium - Most comprehensive White Collar Crime events
  • IDI - Digital Transformation
  • WCCT - White Collar Crime Tech
  • OSINT - Open Source Intelligence Training
  • We have offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Manila and Los Angeles.

    Our events take place globally in Asia Pacific, USA, UAE and Europe.

    Where we are now ...

    InnoXcell has recently launched a new platform – a peer-to-peer collaborative site designed for legal, risk, compliance, internal audit and financial crime compliance professionals. Our website provides access to news and blog content, specially commissioned documentaries, up-to-date information on upcoming InnoXcell events, and a service providers directory, partnering you with the leading experts in your area. With our knowledge-sharing platform, we aim to enable a community of like-minded industry professionals to connect, network, and collaborate.

    Just a little bit more...

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