Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Law in Hong Kong

If your business needs help with adhering to anti-money laundering laws, Hong Kong based Innoxcell should be your first port of call. We’ve put together a comprehensive Service Providers Directory where you’ll find listings of all the professionals who can help you with financial crime compliance in Hong Kong.

Here in Hong Kong, we implement the recommendations for anti-money laundering that have been issued by the Financial Action Task Force in order to combat money laundering and counter terrorist financing, including the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance (AMLO).Read more…

What is Anti-Money Laundering in Hong Kong?

In order to meet the needs of the AMLO, Hong Kong financial institutions must meet due diligence requirements and keep adequate records. Under other legislations they’re also required to report any suspicious transactions that relate to money laundering or financing of terrorists.

If you need advice and guidance on how to meet these requirements, you need professionals that specialise in anti-money laundering in Hong Kong.

Finacial Crime in Hong Kong

Although you can use the guidelines issued by the SFC to design and implement your own anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies, together with putting in place procedures and controls that will meet the requirements of the AMLO and other regulations, if you require additional help to implement these you’ll find that our directory will give you access to the professional help you need.

Don’t let the burden of ensuring compliance with all the regulations fall on your shoulders. Enlist the help of people who are experts in ensuring that you keep in line with the current legislation.

Finding an expert in anti-money laundering laws is easy with Innoxcell

At Innoxcell we’ve made it easy to find an expert in anti-money laundering laws by providing our users with an easy to search database containing professionals of all kinds.

By simply entering your search criteria, you’ll be presented with a list of suitable firms who can help you to devise and implement the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies you need.

Are you an expert in anti-money laundering law?

Furthermore, they’ll show you the best way to put effective procedures and controls in place to ensure that you’re always meeting the AMLO’s requirements.

If so, we’d like to hear from you with a view to adding you to our fast-growing database of professionals.

By becoming part of our Service Providers Directory you’ll be given the opportunity to reach out to potential new clients and to promote your services alongside other esteemed professionals.

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Hong Kong Anti Money Laundering Lawyers

If your business or organisation could benefit from some extra support with your policies for anti-money laundering, simply search our database now and see for yourself who’s available.

Alternatively, if you’d like to be listed in our Service Providers Directory or you’re interested in attending one of our conferences, seminars or our training programs, please contact us via our enquiry form.

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