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Are you a legal or compliance professional in Hong Kong? Are you looking for the best legal and compliance training Hong Kong has available?

Since 2010, Innoxcell have been providing top quality legal, compliance, cyber crime and eDiscovery training and conferences throughout Asia Pacific. As one of the top legal events providers in Asia, we offer legal and compliance professionals in Hong Kong, legal training and compliance training that’s second to none.Read more…

Law Conferences & Law Training Events

Our events attract a wide range of attendees, from CEO’s CIO’s, CISO’s, COO’s and CFO’s to legal secretaries, corporate legal and compliance professionals.

They’re a fantastic way for Hong Kong professionals to update and enhance their existing knowledge and to network with other professionals.

Many professionals just like you have found that our conferences and training events are the perfect way to not only hone their skills and gain new information, but to develop relationships with other professionals within their community.

Legal Training in Hong Kong

They give lawyers and other professionals a valuable opportunity to learn more about the latest regulatory updates and test out the latest technology and software solutions for legal practices. 

Whether you attend our Hong Kong risk management conference, you take part in a Hong Kong legal conference or you sign up for our Hong Kong compliance training, you’ll find yourself in an environment that’s made up of people not only from the legal, compliance or risk management community, but from other associated industries such as those to do with internal audits, cyber security and anti-money laundering.

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They’re the perfect platform for newly qualified lawyers, auditors, analyst and cyber security specialists to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to progress in your chosen career.

While we’re known as being one of the best providers of Hong Kong compliance events and legal training, we’ve also got a reputation for the quality of our Service Providers Directory.

Our directory contains some of the top independent and international law firms in Hong Kong in an easy to access format, giving potential clients access to your details within minutes.

Legal Conferences in Hong Kong

If you really want to stand out from the crowd and get your name known as one of the top players in the Hong Kong legal and compliance world, you really should get your name in our directory.

If you’d like to sign your professional services to our directory, simply submit an enquiry to us and let us do the rest.

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Once you’ve been accepted into our directory, you’ll become part of our growing community of compliance and legal professionals who’ve found the perfect platform to showcase their skills and services to potential clients.

Innoxcell specialises in Hong Kong Lawyers focusing on Hong Kong anti-corruption law, Hong Kong financial law, Hong Kong fraud, third party risk management and legal conferences in Hong Kong.

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